The Snow Dragon SND900 model is designed for use at strip malls, schools, stadium fields and parking lots.  It is the ideal configuration for landscapers and snow removal contractors as well as municipalities for city and residential streets. 

This melter is rated at melting 30 tons of snow per hour (based on latent heat of ice).  The SND900 is commercially rugged unit fabricated on a tri-axle trailer and can be towed from site to site for multiple melting locations in one night.  Measuring twenty-seven feet long and less than eight and half feet wide it is capable of fitting in tight places. 

All Snow Dragon snowmelters are manufactured for easy operation, plug and play components, quite operation, dual snow loading access, and one-man operation capabilities. 


  • 30 ton rated capacity per hour (Based on Latent Heat of Ice)
  • Burner output at 9,000,000 btu/hr
  • No2 Fuel Oil or Diesel Fuel Type for mobile units, Natural Gas available for stationary models.
  • Fuel consumption of 40-60 gallons/hr (max)
  • Fuel storage capacity 550 gallons
  • Measures 27' long x 8'4" wide x 8'6" high

Download the SND900 Literature and Specification Sheet or visit the SND900 Image Gallery for additional pictures.


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